Kardashian Divorce Finally Finalized

I don’t usually blog about celebrity divorces but I have been inundated with news stories about the Kardashian divorce for more than a year now so I am feeling a little bit celebratory upon hearing of a settlement.  With all the money involved in the case it would be logical to assume that the reason the case took so long to resolve was that the parties were squabbling over who got what.  In this case I think it was actually more a case of Kris Humphries (the NBA player husband) being a bit angry about the circumstances and using delay as a way to get under the skin of his now-pregnant soon-to-be ex-wife.  He makes close to $10 million a year playing for the Nets and Kardashian also makes a huge amount of money doing…well, I’m not exactly sure what she does but I am sure she makes a lot doing it.  So given that the marriage only lasted a couple of months and they both have annual incomes that are more than the GDP of some third world countries, I don’t think the property division was a big motivating factor for either of them.

According to reports the settlement was brought on by Humphries’ failure to appear in court for a mandatory settlement conference.  This led to the judge “encouraging” him to settle which then happened on the courthouse steps.  The lesson here is to not irritate the judge who will be deciding your case.  Hopefully this will be the final Kardashian news that I report on in this blog.

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