Keys to Hiring the Right Lawyer for Your Divorce Case

It is not uncommon for us to be the second law firm in a divorce case, after the client has grown frustrated with the lack of progress or success that the first lawyer had. Here are what I believe are the keys to choosing the right divorce lawyer. If you would prefer to watch a video I did on this subject, you can view one on the Morgan Law Firm Austin divorce site.

Hire Someone Focused Exclusively on Family Law

One of the common denominators I have seen in divorce clients who are unhappy with their attorney is that the lawyer was not particularly focused on family law or divorce. Often, these are lawyers that handle a variety of different legal issues and they don’t specialize in any particular area. This is dangerous in a divorce or family law case because it is a very unique area, both in the legal issues involved as well as the emotional issues that the client will frequently deal with. You need someone who is intimately familiar with both types of these issues.

Listen to What Past Clients Have To Say about the Lawyer

If you can’t have personal past experience with a particular lawyer (normally you would not with a divorce lawyer), the best substitute is hearing from those who have been divorce clients of that particular lawyer. Many websites have a testimonial page on their website that shows what past clients have to say about working with the firm (see our testimonial page here). Additionally, you can also find online reviews on various review websites, like

Ask Yourself If You Are Truly Comfortable with the Lawyer

Last but not least, listen to what your instincts tell you about the lawyer. Do you feel confident in the lawyer’s abilities? Do you feel comfortable with the lawyer? Do you get the impression that the lawyer will communicate effectively with you? Sometimes clients believe they need a “bulldog” lawyer and they choose the one that seems the most combative. Later they discover that the lawyer is combative with everyone, including them. So trust your instincts and choose someone you feel will represent you professionally and effectively.

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