Monthly Archives: October 2008

The Ultimate 50-50 Property Division

I often hear clients say that they want everything split 50/50.  However certain assets can be difficult divide on an equal basis or even to value accurately.  Well, as reported in the Houston Chronicle, a Cambodian couple found a creative solution to this age-old property division problem when they sawed their house in half!

Divorce Costs – How to Reduce

Here is an interesting article giving some good advice on how to reduce the trauma and expense of a divorce case.  It was written by Cynthia M. Fox, a Missouri family law attorney.  Most of her advice focuses on the client being efficient with the lawyer’s time (since that is how most experienced divorce lawyers charge) and not using the divorce process in an abusive or unnecessarily expensive manner.

This is a good read for anyone who is beginning the divorce process and wants to stay grounded throughout it. Her advice is actually quite similar to the advice I gave in an earlier article I wrote on keeping divorce costs down.