Parental Alienation Syndrome – Alec Baldwin’s New Book

Actor Alec Baldwin is currently promoting a book entitled “A Promise to Ourselves” in which he bashes the family court system in general and his ex-wife Kim Basinger specifically.  See the AP article here.  Baldwin contends that he is a victim of Parental Alienation Syndrome, a controversial psychological theory concerning how one parent can poison a child against the other parent.

I’m not familiar enough with his case to have an opinion on whether he is truly a victim of his ex-wife.  However, I have heard the voicemail he left for his teenage daughter in which he called her a “rude thoughtless little pig.”  That voicemail was leaked to the press which Baldwin deemed inappropriate.  Regardless of whether it should have been publicly released, or the circumstances that led to his anger, Baldwin should be ashamed of himself for speaking to his own child in such a demeaning, belittling manner.  There simply is no excuse.

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  • I don’t think we should judge anyone because we don’t know the whole story. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect. But what was the purpose in providing the media with Mr. Baldwin’s voice mail message in the first place? Shouldn’t that person be held accountable for their actions and part in emotionally harming the child? I think that it’s hard enough getting divorced, but add to that being a celebrity where everyone’s getting into your business; it makes it ten times harder. Hopefully with Alec Baldwin’s notoriety and fame he can expose the fact that there are many parents who are fighting for their constitutional right to be a parent to their children.

    Family court judges and lawyers are running a racket to ensure their pockets are well-padded while they systematically destroy families. They don’t seem to have any conscience when it comes to robbing children of financial and emotional support. (Please tell us if you are any different than the rest of the pack.) The thousands upon thousands of dollars being spent on court fees and attorneys could be better utilized to benefit the children instead.

    Parental Alienation is an epidemic which does exist. The damaging effects that Parental Alienation is causing to our nation’s children is disgusting and appalling. So allow Mr. Baldwin to be our national spokesperson to tell the world how Parental Alienation is driving some to commit murder and suicide. Yes, ordinary people do snap! Everyone has a breaking point. The question is, will they ever get to that point? Most of us don’t, but some do, when they feel backed into a corner, desperate and can’t see any way out of this nightmare. There doesn’t have to be one single ounce of previous abuse. It happens!

    Our children are enduring serious emotional damage that will take them years to overcome, if they ever do. Why aren’t the courts protecting our children? Why can’t the courts see that children have the right to have a relationship with both of their parents?

    Instead the courts are allowing our children to be used as weapons to inflict pain upon their own parent, with the assistance of lawyers and court-appointed evaluators. The guilt these children are sure to feel one day when they realize what they have done; it is an unfair sentence to render upon these innocent victims who are caught in a war between the people they love. And what about the time and memories lost forever? Who pays the price for that loss?

    A BIG thank you to Mr. Baldwin for having the courage to overcome opposition and bring this behavioral form of child abuse to the mainstream. His heart-wrenching experiences relating to the inalienable right to be a father to his own child is felt worldwide.

  • Bob Norton says:

    Alex Baldwin has it right and will be the beginning of the end for the famiy court system today. The family court is a useless, ethical cesspool optimized to extract as much money from the crisis of divorce as possible. All its techniques are the opposite of what would be done to resolve issues and benefit families. It cuts off communications, builds paranoia, and assumes the worst instead of proof of guilt being required. All this is used to unconstitutionally terminate parental rights to insure a $78,000 legal battle (average reported by The Wall Strret Journal). The entire system is a scam by lawyers to plunder the estates of divorcing couples using children as bait. It is RICO fraud as they intentionally create problems to drive up legal fees. I do not think 2% of divorce lawyer have ethics or care about the damage they do. They perpetuate myths of it being the family while creating the problems in subtle ways. The judges are criminals, breaking the U.S. Supreme Court requirements for “clear and convincing evidence” for any LIMIT or termination on parental rights. The clock is ticking. Either these people will change to create value and help families or this $50 billion industry will disappear and be replaced by a better system. It is causing about $1 TRILLION per year in damage to children and families today. In fact sole custody, which judges award 85% of the time is child abuse, making hte judge the most prolific child abusers on the planet.
    There is not a single research study the says sole custody is good and hundreds that shouw equal parenting is better by 6 to 24 times by EVERY measure tracked over 5 to 20 years. Of course this is also common sense to everyone who does not make money off this destruction. See

  • Pat says:

    PAS has been recently recognised in NY as a basis for custody modification. Those of us who have been damaged by its long term poisonous effects know that it is real. At one time autism was said to be caused by the coldness of the birth mother and now most know that this is not true. Eventually PAS will be acknowledged as a very real disorder. I would not want a lawyer who is not versed in PAS, or one who calls it controversial. Though Alec Baldwin shouldn’t have snapped, I will buy his book and support his cause.

  • Sally Hindley says:

    The ONLY reason that PAS is not being recognized by the family court system is for job security. Keep that money rolling in, boys and girls…..keep up the adversarial conflict in divorce cases so that the court system can keep their pockets padded with exhorbitant amounts of money. You aren’t fooling the general public…..we KNOW it’s a scam. More and more people are going pro se….wake up, lawyers, or lose your jobs. PAS is being promoted by the very people who are refusing to acknowledge it. Your flim/flam show is over!

  • If we are to assume the general berating and ‘tut tut’s’, Mr Baldwin recieves from positions that have a professional and pecuniary interest in family affairs what should the general public’s opinion be on this matter. Other than to assume more of the same.

    Mr Baldwins perceptions and reality as not being a truth and not a mainstream public conclusion is an interesting excercise in the power of words and politics.

    So what are we to think.? Whether mythical or percieved, the actions of Family court practises often render an unnatural resolution to the subject of children. While statistical data can be deduced, reduced or revised, official government statistics often lead to an opposite conclusion and that conclusion is that something is wrong.

    Yet there is no positive action to address or speake to whatever the so termed alienation or malady is. Perhaps we should look at the underlying mechanism surrounding family court, it’s state associations, policies, pecuniary and political interests. More particularly the generation of employment.

    The APA is sat out there on the fence, or should we say sat in the proverbial dog house. On all other matters related to the largesse of Family court business it would appear to respond well to whistles of obedience.

    An author by the name of Stephen Baskerville, addresses the very same issue from a more practical, realistic and empirical approach, the Book is called “Taken into Custody’.

    So this modern phenomena of something that happens to children when their parents divorce is “?”. We seem to have descriptions and codes for everything else.

    So what are the statistics regarding the outcomes of children from family courts. Merely the views of a legal humanist and political in nature does not detract from the well chosen and politically crafted words at the hands both representatives of our legal practisioners and well funded social change agents.

    The nations future lies in those children, if we disable them we do all of us a disservice, this nation cannot afford a silent pogram against males.

  • really concerned parent says:

    I think any man or woman who turns a child against the other parent who hasn’t done anything deserving it is engaging in child abuse which is also what Ira Turkat an expert on parental alienation says…who knows what really goes on behind the scenes in families like this?

  • tadman says:

    My son has been in the throngs of parental alienation from his children for 2 and a half years now. He was falsely charge with sexually abuse to his 2 daughters 3 and 6 yrs at the time. The charges were dropped with the Crown stating that their was no evidence tio convict and yet he has not been allowed to see his children. After all this time with many court visits he will see his children tomorrow supervised. This will hopefully be ongoing visits at his expense until we go to trial in May. The spouse has first run off with the neighbour who is a druggie with 3 boys and lived in a 1 bedroom shack. Now she has move again in with an old boyfried whom she claimed was abusive. Four times the children have moved to different schools and the CAS didn’t seem to have a problem with that. The children are frightened even of our daughters two girls who are 10 and 7.
    I believe that The CAS needs to have better trained workers to recognise what is really happening in marriage breakups. I also believe that the courts should recognize more quickly and react to the poison that is being fed to our children.
    What kind of a society are we promoting when we allow our greatest assests for our future to be so mentally disturbed by the actions of irresponsible parents? How do we go about healing the brainwashing so that these children may grow up to be trusting and loving adults without the scars that are so deeply rooted. The sins of one generation continue to visits the next.

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