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Parental Alienation Syndrome – Alec Baldwin’s New Book

Actor Alec Baldwin is currently promoting a book entitled “A Promise to Ourselves” in which he bashes the family court system in general and his ex-wife Kim Basinger specifically.  See the AP article here.  Baldwin contends that he is a victim of Parental Alienation Syndrome, a controversial psychological theory concerning how one parent can poison a child against the other parent.

I’m not familiar enough with his case to have an opinion on whether he is truly a victim of his ex-wife.  However, I have heard the voicemail he left for his teenage daughter in which he called her a “rude thoughtless little pig.”  That voicemail was leaked to the press which Baldwin deemed inappropriate.  Regardless of whether it should have been publicly released, or the circumstances that led to his anger, Baldwin should be ashamed of himself for speaking to his own child in such a demeaning, belittling manner.  There simply is no excuse.